Mark P. Janke Consulting Forester, LLC.
Mark P. Janke Consulting Forester, LLC.

Consulting Services

Timber Sale administration from the initial visit phase through the actual marking and scaling of selected trees, solicitation of bids, preparation of contracts and on site timber sale follow up and monitoring to insure contract compliance.


Forest Management, Forest Stewardship and Qualified Forest Management

plan preparation. Mark is fully complies with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as a Certified Plan Writer for the Forest Stewardship Program.  In many cases a portion of the costs for writing these plans and certain practices can be cost shared through the Forest Stewardship Program. He is also NRCS certified technical services provider.

Appraisals of Timber value: Often a landowner may need to determine the value of or Inventory of the standing timber on a property or to determine the value of timber or trees that where harvested unlawfully or mistakenly by another.


Expert Witness: When trees have been taken unlawfully, Attorneys often call upon the Services of an Expert to testify who is knowledgeable about trees, timber, cut logs, markets etc.

Timber Stand Improvement: This practice involves improving the stand for future growth, desirability species composition. Often this practice needs to be done as an investment in the future. In some cases wood from TSI thinnings can be sold for pulpwood or firewood, but often is an expense to improve the conditions and the future value.

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