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Mark Janke


Mark P. Janke  CF & ACF 
Mark P. Janke, Consulting Forester, LLC 
MI Registered Forester #545 
Certified Forester #2790 
American Tree Farm System 
Qualified Inspector ID #2503


Mark P. Janke is a Michigan Registered Forester and President of Mark P. Janke, Consulting Forester, LLC.  Mark's full service Forestry Consulting firm specializes in Forest Management and the Marketing of Timber and Forest Products.

Mr. Janke has spent his entire 30 year forestry career working with private forest landowners and assisting them with gaining the maximum benefit from their forest ownership. He stresses the multiple benefit approach of managing forests for timber, wildlife, recreation and aesthetics values which can all be addressed within the concept of sound Forest Management. 

Mark earned a B.S. in Forestry in 1981 from Michigan State University and has been employed in the forest products industry in Michigan since 1982.  From 1982 until 2005, he was employed as Senior Forester for a leading pulp and paper mill, (Menasha Corporation) in Southwest Michigan.  Mark managed Menasha's Forest Management Program by assisting landowners with Forest Management, writing forest and wildlife management plans, and planning and supervision of responsible and sustainable harvest on forests.

Mark is a member of the Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF), and past President of the Michigan Chapter.

Mark is a member of the Society of American Forester (SAF) and has been a CF (Certified Forester) since December of 2002 when the SAF introduced the Certified Forester CF program for further credentialing professional foresters who are dealing with the public.

Mark is also been active in the American Tree Farm Program and is a Qualified Inspector and has signed up nearly 100 new Tree Farms in his career.

Benjamin Janke 

Business Manager/Forestry Assistant 


Benjamin is the son of Mark Janke, and has been around Forestry his whole life. Benjamin began with Mark P Janke Consulting Forester, LLC. in a full time role as of November 2017. Benjamin has also worked for Janke Tree Farm for the past 20 years, and has assumed more responsility over the years. Benjamin has a business degree from Western Michigan University and has a passion for customer service, and maximizing value for each client!

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